The Hall of Fame Case for Dick Allen

Allen was a tremendous baseball player who had the misfortune of coming up through an organization that was indelicate about the issue of race.

Why are they called the Philadelphia Phillies?

Since 1890, the team has continuously been known officially as the “Phillies” (simply a shortening of Philadelphia or Philadelphia’s), but several times they have tried to shun

Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Team

Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster of the greatest Philadelphia Phillies. STARTING LINEUP Bob BOONE 1972-1981 Catcher Dick ALLEN 1963-1969, 1975-1976 first base Chase

Was Ed Delahanty murdered?

Ed Delahanty’s success on the diamond obscured a troubled personal life marred by gambling and booze. His debts frequently mounted to the point that “Big Ed” would

Chuck Klein’s incredible 1930 season

When we think of the greatest hitting seasons ever, we think first of the players who set the standards in batting average and home runs. Hit over .400, reach the 60-HR plateau, or win the Triple Crown, and baseball fans and historians won’t hesitate to include you on their lists of the best seasons.