Who Are The Favorites for the MVP Award?

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The baseball season has finally kicked off and we are so excited. 

The Atlanta Braves are looking good after their World Series win. The Houston Astros have a point to prove. And many other teams in the league are looking to take home that top prize this year. 

As well as discussing who is going to win the world series, sports fans around the country are already placing bets on who they think will be the MVP awards this year. 

If you want to join them you can find the best MLB spreads here. 

Here are the names of the eight men we think could be named MVP this year and our reasons why. 

American League MVP

Wander Franco, Tampa Bay Rays 

Debut Year – 2021

Franco is a new player onto the scene but he made a huge impact when he joined the Rays last year. 

He debuted last June and hit a home run in his first game, against the Red Sox. By September, he had broken Mickey Mantle’s record for most consecutive games on base for a player under 20: Franco did 37. 

Franco signed a $100 million contract, the largest ever for a player under 22.

Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox

Debut Year – 2017

In his short career so far, Devers has won the World Series, been named an All-Star, and has won the Silver Slugger award. 

Devers was signed by the Red Sox at age 16 for $1.5 million dollars. This may have been one of the best investments the team has made in decades. He has been an incredible player for them since he debuted in 2017. 

For Devers to have a good shot at taking home the MVP this year, he’ll need to keep up his power game.

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Debut Year – 2017 (Rookie of the Year) 

Last year, Judge took home the Silver Slugger award for the Yankees. If Judge is able to stay healthy this year, then he has an excellent chance of being named the MVP. 

Luis Robert, Chicago White Sox  

Debut Year – 2020 

In his Rookie Year, Robert won a Gold Glove. 

But sadly, we didn’t get to see much of him last year due to injury. If he plays half as well as he did in his debut year when he returns, he has a chance to take the league by storm. 

We are only a few weeks into the season and there is still a lot of time for players to make their mark on the game – but if we were to place a bet now, we think one of these eight will be named MVP this year.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays 

Debut Year – 2019 

Last season, he led the major leagues in home runs (48, tied), runs scored (123), and total bases (363). He was also the youngest player ever to win the All-Star MVP award. 

He came in second in the run for AL MVP last season, expect for him to try and claim it this season. 

National League MVP

Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers 

Debut Year – 2013

In 2019, Bellinger was named National League MVP. In 2020, he and the Dodgers won the World Series. 

Last year, Bellinger struggled with finding form due to injuries. However, we are confident he will be back at it again this year. 

The Dodgers have brought in a huge player this year and it looks like they could be making another run for the title. 

Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies 

Debut Year – 2012

Harper took home the NL MVP last year, so it is only polite that we include him in this year’s list. He also won the award in 2015 and will most likely be looking to take it home for a third time this year. 

Expect another incredible year from him in 2022. 

Freddie Freeman, Los Angeles Dodgers 

Debut Year – 2010

Freeman is such an impactful player that he was pursued by eight teams during the off-season. He ended up signing with the Dodgers and LA fans are hoping he has an incredibly successful season with them.

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