How Astros Alex Bregman Got Into Thoroughbred Racing

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In the grand tapestry of sports, few threads are as uniquely intertwined as those of baseball and horse racing in the life of Alex Bregman, the Houston Astros’ third baseman.

This story isn’t just about a baseball player who fancied a flutter on the ponies; it’s a saga of generational passion, a deep dive into the rich tapestry of thoroughbred racing, and, of course, a touch of the Bregman magic both on and off the field.

A legacy more than a century in the making

Imagine a young Bregman, darting out of his grandpa’s car, skipping a day at Walter Johnson High School, not for mischief but for a masterclass in horse racing at the tracks.

This wasn’t a rare escape but a ritual, embedding a love for the races deep in his heart, passed down from his grandfather and his father, Sam Bregman, a figurehead in New Mexico’s racing scene​​.

How Bregman entered the world of thoroughbred racing

Astros star Alex Bregman has taken up a new pastime outside of baseball, which he has been recognized for following a phenomenally successful inaugural season.

Houston’s third baseman and his wife, Reagan, went into thoroughbred racing by buying eight horses: No Nay Mets, Game Seven, Cadillac Candy, Goldblooded, Kodiac Wintergreen, Soloshot, Homerunhappy, and Miss San Gabriel.

Last year, the baseball great served as a celebrity ambassador for the Breeders’ Cup, where his horse, No Nay Mets, participated. He offered Breeders’ Cup profits to help fight antisemitism.

Bregman Family Racing was founded on a passion for horses.

But where did he get the passion for horse racing?

Well, his father, Sam, had a great influence on Alex throughout his life, and he is responsible for getting him interested in horse racing. His journey from baseball to horse racing wasn’t surprising since his father has built quite a legacy as a chairman of the New Mexico Racing Commission.

More than just a passion

Bregman’s venture into horse ownership is more than just a pastime; it is a strategic effort characterized by success and the excitement of competition. Bregman’s colleagues were excited for “Cadillac Candy,” a colt that impressed with a second-place result at Keeneland, upsetting the favorites in the horse race bets.

Let us not forget “No Nay Mets,” a two-year-old colt contending in the prestigious Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint, demonstrating Bregman’s flair for discovering and fostering equine talent.​

It runs in the family

But Alex Bregman didn’t go into this new adventure alone. He has his entire family behind him running the business.

The Bregman family has developed a strong interest in horse racing over centuries. Horse racing is in their blood, as evidenced by stories of Grandpa Bo taking little Alex to races and Sam Bregman’s leadership in the racing commission.

Alex and his wife, Reagan, have jumped deeply into the world of thoroughbred racing, adding a new zest to an age-old sport.​

“The love of horse racing goes back generations in my family, and I’ve always been a fan. It’s incredible to have my own horses now to be able to share the sport with my teammates and fans and to be an ambassador for the sport. I am very honored to receive this award,” Alex Bregman said.

His father also said that his family shares a deep passion for both sports. But to jump on a fast-moving train and buy horses might have been some next-level stuff, but if you spent years analyzing the sport, it is a good decision that even Alex agrees on.

Horse racing award-winner

Even though he is just starting with horse racing, Bregman already won an award, but not for the thing you might expect. OwerView announced that Bregman is the co-owner of their 2023 New Owner of the Year award, which is expected since it is rare to see a rookie in the horse racing industry buying eight horses at the beginning of their career.

We have to wait and see whether or not his father is right about it being a calculated and thoroughly analyzed decision.

Connection between horse racing and baseball

Despite being two entirely different sports, Alex somehow sees a reflection of baseball in horse racing. Both games have their highs and lows, and the sweet taste of victory is something incredible since it requires a lot of work and dedication.

It is always fun to see professional athletes interested in sports that have no connection with their primary job. This shows their athletic spirit and that they appreciate other sports as well.

Who knows, maybe Bregman will climb high in the horse racing industry and race in some of the most popular races. Maybe his baseball success will be overshadowed by his horse racing career, which shouldn’t be surprising since he has a good team behind him.

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