The 20 Greatest Houston Astros of All-Time

This list ranks the 20 greatest players to have played for the Houston Astros, according to Wins Above Replacement (from  This is part of a series

VIDEO: Darryl Kile’s 1993 No-Hitter Against the Mets

Darryl Kile was taken far too soon. His life touched many people, not only his family and friends, but also his teammates and fans. His no-hitter in 1993 will always be a significant highlight in the history of the Astros.

Why are they called the Houston Astros?

Originally known as the Colt .45s, that nickname was never appreciated by the Colt Firearm Company (who manufactured the weapon), so it was not a surprise when

Houston Astros All-Time Team

Houston Astros All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster of the greatest Houston Astros. Also the Colt 45s, in case you remember them. STARTING LINEUP Alan ASHBY