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Leadership Styles: A Baseball and Business Story

The following story is about baseball, but it also could be about a business or any other organization. You’ll see that leadership styles are not set in stone, but can change over time. As we look at the 4 different styles of leadership and how they have affected organizations from Sports to Politics, we will see how the scarcity mindset has impacted these leaders and their decisions.

The 20 Greatest Dodgers of All-Time

This is the third installment of my “Top 20” series, looking at the top players for a specific franchise based solely on Wins Above Replacement. Quibble if

Only World Series champions without Hall of Famers

From 1903-1989, every World Series winning team except two have boasted at least one future Hall of Famer on their roster. In most of the cases, the winning team has had more than one player who have gone on to be immortalized in Cooperstown.