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Washington Senators All-Time Team

Washington Senators All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster for the original Washington Senators, 1901-1960. STARTING LINEUP Muddy RUEL 1923-1930 Catcher Joe JUDGE 1915-1932 first base Buddy

Was Ed Delahanty murdered?

Ed Delahanty’s success on the diamond obscured a troubled personal life marred by gambling and booze. His debts frequently mounted to the point that “Big Ed” would

Remembering Cecil Travis on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day to remember and thank those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Some gave their lives. Even those who came back from war have given up much for our country. In the history of baseball, one ballplayer gave up perhaps more than any other with his service to the country. Though he came back alive from World War II, he almost certainly was deprived of baseball immortality.