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VIDEO: Interview with Nick DiNatale of Local Nine

Just because we have progress, doesn’t necessarily mean things get better. That’s one way to look at fashion and sports and specifically baseball.

Yes, you can order an official Chicago Cubs’ jersey online and even ask them to sew your name on the back. It’s the same jersey worn by the players. It’s made from the same materials, and if you out it side-by-side with another Cubs’ jersey, it will look virtually identical.

But that’s not much fun, is it?

What about the craftsmanship behind the creation of that garment? What about the patch and logo insignia? Who made those? Who selects the thread that’s used to attach the player name on the back? What material is it anyway?

If you’re the type of person more interested in how something is made and why hand craftsmanship was so important in the old days, then you’ll love this interview from Charles Mandel of Helmar Brewing.

Charles is the man behind Helmar’s amazing handmade sports cards and other baseball items. Here he talks to Nick DiNatale of Local Nine. DiNatale makes baseball caps, patches, jerseys, and even sweaters or jackets. DiNatale is obviously clearly talented at handcrafting, but even if he’s never made an item or worked with a type of fabric, he’s game to teach himself.

Nick DiNatale of Local Nine is interviewed about baseball artifacts by Charles Mandel of Helmar Brewing.

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