VIDEO: Don Baylor Career Highlights

When Don Baylor debuted with the Baltimore Orioles, he was compared to Frank Robinson. Eventually, like Robby, Baylor won an AL Most Valuable Player Award.

Wee Willie Keeler: The Best Bunter in Baseball History

If you could travel back in time to watch the Baltimore Orioles of the 1890s, you would recognize that they were playing baseball, but you would be shocked at the style of play. The bunting of Willie Keeler would amaze you.

Baltimore Orioles All-Time Team

Baltimore Orioles All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster of the greatest Baltimore Orioles, 1954 to present. STARTING LINEUP Chris HOILES 1989-1998 Catcher Eddie MURRAY 1977-1988, 1996

St. Louis Browns All-Time Team

St. Louis Browns All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster for the St. Louis Browns, 1902-1953. STARTING LINEUP Wally SCHANG 1926-1929 Catcher George SISLER 1915-1927 first base

Brooks Robinson dominated the 1970 World Series both ways

It’s possible that no other position player has ever dominated a World Series to the extent Brooks Robinson did in 1970. That October, Robinson was dazzling in the field and at the plate as the Baltimore Orioles defeated Cincinnati in the Fall Classic.

Baltimore Orioles History

Baltimore Orioles History AMERICAN LEAGUE, 1954- the best of times In baseball history, no team can match the New York Yankees dynastic-chops. The Yanks dominated the league