Wins Above Replacement Rankings: All-Time by Position


Johnny Bench or Gary Carter? What about Roy Campanella? Where does Yadier Molina fit in? Was Buster Posey better than Joe Mauer?


Was Albert Pujols’ peak better than Lou Gehrig’s? How good was Don Mattingly? How do Will Clark and Mark Teixeira rate?


Which second baseman had the best prime? Did Eddie Collins have a better peak than Ryne Sandberg? 


How do the three best seasons of ARod’s controversial career compare to those of Honus Wagner, Cal Ripken Jr., or Derek Jeter? 

Third Base

Which-non Hall of Fame third baseman had one of the best short peaks ever? Who was better: George Brett or Wade Boggs?


Compare the WAR7 of greats Walter Johnson, Greg Maddux, and Tom Seaver. Or see which pitchers had the best primes.

Left Field

How did the best three seasons by Tim Raines compare to Carl Yastrzemski’s best? Where does Manny rate by WAR7?

Center Field

Who had the best career: Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays? Is Andruw Jones underrated? Where does Dale Murphy rank in prime value?

Right Field

Who had a better short peak: Al Kaline or Roberto Clemente? Was Dwight Evans more valuable in his prime than Dave Winfield?