Adrián Beltré was an entertainer who happened to play baseball

Adrian Beltré was an entertainer who happened to play baseball. He had a playful sense of humor, and in the three primary cities in which he played, Beltré became a fan favorite. One of the singular unique players of his generation, Beltré never forgot that he was playing a game.

The 20 Greatest Texas Rangers of All-Time

This list ranks the 20 greatest players to have played for the Texas Rangers, according to Wins Above Replacement (from Baseball-Reference.com).  This is part of a series

Why are they called the Texas Rangers?

The Texas Rangers baseball club is named for the legendary Texas Ranger law enforcement agency, which traces their roots back to the 1820s. This franchise, which has

Texas Rangers All-Time Team

Texas Rangers All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster of the greatest Texas Rangers, also including the expansion Washington Senators of 1961-1971. STARTING LINEUP Pudge RODRIGUEZ 1999-2002,

Was Jeter better than Nomar and ARod?

The career of Derek Jeter is a perfect illustration of the multitude of factors that go into a Hall of Fame discussion. And rightly so. The contemporary