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Is Jon Lester a Hall of Famer?

Now that pitcher Jon Lester has announced his retirement from baseball, what are his chances of being elected to the Hall of Fame?

Ted Williams Hid His Mexican Heritage

Ted Williams was a superstar in the 1940s and 1950s, however, at first his Mexican heritage was a problem, because racism was even more prevalent at that time than it is today.

VIDEO: Boston Red Sox All-Time Team

How can you choose only 28 players to make an all-time Boston Red Sox team? It’s not easy. The Sox have so many great outfielders, we ultimately

Why are they called the Boston Red Sox?

In 1907, Boston team owner John Taylor decided to give his team a makeover. Prior to that, the Boston team played in white uniforms with blue trim,

Boston Red Sox All-Time Team

Boston Red Sox All-Time Team We select a 28-player roster of the greatest Boston Red Sox of all-time. STARTING LINEUP Carlton FISK 1969, 1971-1980 Catcher David ORTIZ

Was Jeter better than Nomar and ARod?

The career of Derek Jeter is a perfect illustration of the multitude of factors that go into a Hall of Fame discussion. And rightly so. The contemporary